3G "Sunset" FAQ & Action Points

Updated: February 2022

What is 3G network sunset?

The 3G network sunset is when mobile carriers remove the physical equipment that supports the 3G mobile networks. Effectively, this is the equivalent of not having a dial-tone on a traditional landline phone.

Why is this happening?

All mobile network carriers are sunsetting their 3G networks to make room for new equipment at cell towers and reduce interference with faster connections like 5G.

When is the 3G network sunset taking place?

Our partner AT&T will commence their 3G network sunset February 21, 2022.

Is my vehicle affected?

Any Volvo with a 3G modem is affected. If you’ve been prompted to visit this site after entering your VIN your vehicle is affected.

What services are impacted?

All connected services will be impacted. This includes infotainment apps, SOS and On Call in-car services, and Volvo Cars app remote services.

My Volvo Cars app subscription expires after February 21, 2022. How will this impact me?

Current customers are not able to renew Volvo Cars app services past the expected 3G sunset date until they’ve had their hardware upgraded.

My Volvo Cars app subscription expires before February- can I use my services until then?

You will be able to use Volvo Cars app remote services if you have a valid subscription as long as 3G services are available.

Is there an upgrade program to 4G available to access connected services?

Yes. Due to supplier constraints and shortages, we can offer limited upgrade quantities for most affected models. Customers driving a 2016 XC90 will have a solution available later in 2022.

How can I upgrade my car?

Please contact your Volvo Retailer or Volvo Customer Care.

My car is under warranty, is this upgrade covered?

No. The vehicle was produced with equipment that was designed for the technology available at that time. The decision to sunset 3G is with AT&T and not with Volvo Cars. As a result, the solution is not covered under the warranty and the customer will need to purchase a compatible modem.

Is there a waiting list for parts?

Yes. If the upgrade components were sold out at the time you contacted your retailer you can sign up to be alerted once more parts are in stock. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this FAQ to receive an update once more parts are available.

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